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UPDATE - 2/9/21

Mariner High School has been approved to start fall sports (Football, Cheer, Volleyball, Girls Swim, Cross Country, Boys Tennis, Girls Soccer) on Monday, February 22nd.   Athletes will need a current physical on file and will need to fill out final forms in order to be eligible.    If you need support with completing final forms, we will have a drop in session at Mariner High School in personon Wednesday, February 10th from 12:30 to 2:00 PM in the Main Hallway. (Students enter through main entrance and advance into the Main Hallway)


Athletes will not need an ASB card this year. 


If any students have questions about athletics have them contact:  Kyle Axelson , Ryan Rayburn , or Karen Ebel


We will also be holding an Athletic Townhall meeting on Thursday, February 11th over zoom at 6:00 PM. Families and athletes are encouraged to attend to find out more information about the upcoming seasons.

Passcode: 589851


WESCO proposed 3-season plan – December 2020


Seasons will be played in Fall, Spring, Winter order.


Each season will be 6 weeks long (1 week for practices, 5 weeks for competition).


o Fall sports:

·       Decision Date: February 1

·       First Practice: February 22

·       First competition week: March 1

·       Season End: April 3


o Spring sports:

·       Decision Date: March 8

·       First Practice: March 29

·       First competition week: April 5

·       Season End: May 8


o Winter sports:

·       Decision Date: April 12

·       First Practice: May 3

·       First competition week: May 10

·       Season End: June 12


If individual fall sports need to be moved to alternate seasons, the following will take place.


• Football - with winter sports
• Girls Soccer - with winter sports
• Cross Country - with winter sports
• Boys Tennis - with winter sports
• Volleyball - with spring sports
• Girls Swim - with spring sports


If we are unable to offer all the fall sports in February, the league will condense to 2 seasons of 7 weeks each (1 practice, 6 competition) with the following dates.


Proposed 2-season plan:


Spring sports plus volleyball and girls’ swim:

o   Decision Date: February 15

o   First Practice: March 8

o   First competition week: March 15

o   Season End: April 24


Winter sports plus football, cross country, boy’s tennis, girls’ soccer:

o   Decision Date: April 12

o   First Practice: May 3

o   First competition week: May 10

o   Season End: April 24



Finally, if our time gets squeezed and we can only offer one season, we will cancel fall and winter sports and only offer spring sports. If we get to that situation, we will determine specific dates.