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Student Handbook



Student Handbook


Mission Statement

We exist to support the academic, cultural
and social needs of our students, allowing them to learn the necessary skills for college and career success.


Our vision is to set high expectations by challenging students to take ownership of their learning through positive relationships and quality instruction.


ACES High School

9700 Holly Drive

Everett WA 98204

(425) 366-3900

Message to Students

Welcome to ACES High School! It is our honor and pleasure to support you as you strive to meet your academic and educational goals.  Please know that ACES High School is an opportunity.  We maintain an excellent teaching and support staff with the commitment and expertise to appropriately challenge you and prepare you to meet the state and district graduation requirements.  You will also consider post high school plans and will be prepared to accomplish your future goals. 

We suggest that you use this opportunity to your best advantage.  Take school seriously as it is an important stepping stone to your future.  We have high expectations for all of our students and fully anticipate that you will work hard every day to accomplish your goals and meet those expectations. 

Please pay close attention to the following information.  You will be held accountable for all of it every day.  More importantly, paying close attention to your school habits ensures that you will be successful.  We are committed to helping you achieve success.  You must be committed as well.  That is your only option for success at ACES High School.

Thank you for choosing our school.  We look forward to an exciting year filled with learning, achievement and inspiration.

Important Dates:

Open House -TBD

Picture Day will be Wednesday, October 10, 2018

(Please check in with your Focus teacher for important dates upcoming in the school year.)


In order to be successful, ACES students must take responsibility for their own learning and academic progress. Students are expected to:

  • Arrive at school and to class on time.
  • Be prepared to participate in all learning activities.
  • Listen, follow directions, participate and cooperate with all adults in the building.
  • Be willing to collaborate with others.


Keys to Being a Successful Student

  • Be on Time
  • Attend Every Day
  • Make up all missed work in a timely manner
  • Seek out extra help during lunch, before and after school and on Fridays
  • Set Goals
  • Stay on Task
  • Make good use of your opportunities
  • Be organized
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Eat healthfully and get enough sleep
  • Do Not Give Up

Important Items to Know

First Aid and Illness: Only students who have been given written permission may go to the nurse’s office. You will be allowed to rest in the nurse’s office with the permission of the counselor, office personnel or administrator. Medications, such as aspirin, are not given to students. Only emergency first-aid treatment can be given by school personnel. Students taking medication during school hours must have a note from their doctor. All medications must be kept in the nurse’s office.

Guest Teachers: We are fortunate to have guest teachers as substitutes when our regular teachers are absent. A guest teacher deserves the highest courtesy and cooperation from students at all times.  

Student Guest Policy: Students are not permitted to bring guests to school as per both district and ACES High School policy.

Textbooks:Students are responsible for the care of all books issued to them. Students will be charged for lost or damaged books.  Transcripts and diplomas cannot be provided for students who have unpaid fees or fines.

Cafeteria/Eating area: Students have a choice to bring their lunch or purchase a full lunch in the cafeteria. Free and reduced meals are available to those who qualify. Our school wide goal is to keep all shared eating areas neat and clean. Students are to take their place in line and be well mannered while eating. All cafeteria items must be paid for when lunch is received. Money will not be loaned by the office.  It is expected that all students dispose of all trash in the appropriate containers. If litter becomes a problem in the eating areas, inside or outside, school wide privileges will be limited.

Change of Address: Please inform the office if you change your address or telephone number. Please inform the office if your emergency contact phone numbers change.

Withdrawing from School: If you are leaving school, a parent/guardian must come to the counseling office, to discuss the last day you will be attending and where you are relocating, and sign the district withdrawal form.

Leaving Early:  It is mandatory that students sign out in the office if leaving before the end of the school day.  This includes students with modified schedules and Skills Center students.  Students under 18 will only be allowed to leave with parent or guardian permission.  Students 18 and older will be allowed to leave only with permission from the principal.

Expectations:  It is expected that all students willingly take direction from any adult in the building.  Every staff person is in an authority position.  Refusal to do so could result in additional consequences, avoided by respectfully following directions in the first place.

Classroom Expectations:  It is expected that all students in classrooms take direction from their teachers at all times including appropriately participating in all learning activities.  Refusal to work is not an option and will be met with additional consequences. ACES utilizes a discipline policy which is explained by each individual teacher to each class at the beginning of the school year. Rules and expectations for behavior are posted in each classroom.

Discipline: In order for an organization to function properly, there must be certain expectations for performance. ACES High School has expectations of behavior that support an orderly school and learning environment. Our goal is to encourage self-discipline and support our students in learning to make responsible behavioral choices. There will be no tolerance for anyone disrupting the learning of others.

Classroom Procedure & General Conduct: Students are expected to behave at all times in a manner that will bring credit to themselves, school, family and community. It is important for students to recognize that they are responsible for and will be held accountable for their behavior on the way to and from school, during school hours, on the bus and at all school events.

Illegal activities such as vandalism, graffiti, use or possession of drugs, paraphernalia, alcohol, tobacco products or other controlled substances are prohibited. Matches, lighters, weapons, firearms, or any other dangerous items are also illegal on campus. Intimidation, fighting, or harassment is all prohibited. Any violation in this category may result in suspension, expulsion, and/or police action.

Cell phones, Music Devices and Headphones/Electronic Device Expectations: All electronics including cell phones, Ipods, headphones and music players are prohibited in class. Electronics should be put away and out of sight. Teachers are instructed to and have the right to take a student’s electronic device.  It will then be sent to the office until the end of the day.  Additional consequences will be determined for any student unwilling to cooperate. 

We understand that students prefer to carry their cell phones and other electronic devices with them at school.  We are happy to support this based on the following conditions only.

  1. Under no circumstance should an electronic device be used or visible during class time.  Class time is defined as Bell to Bell.
  2. If a student is facing a family emergency she/he needs to communicate with the principal or counselor.  An arrangement will be made for that student to receive the anticipated information in a timely manner.  A family emergency does not override the school rule.
  3. The teacher has the right to take any electronic device if being used or visible in the classroom.  The teacher can choose to give a warning prior, but does not have to due to the fact that every student has been informed of and understands the school policy.
  4. Any device taken will be sent to the office for the remainder of the day.
  5. If the same student has a device taken and sent to the office 3 times she/he will have to bring their device to the office at the start of the day for a minimum of 5 consecutive days.

Fragrance Free:  ACES High School is a fragrance free building.  We request that every student and adult use good judgement when getting ready for school in the morning.  Numerous students and adults have severe allergies and are very sensitive to the scents of perfume, cologne and after shave lotions.  Please respect this by limiting your use of fragrances while in the building.

Tobacco:  Tobacco products are illegal on school campus.  In the event of a search tobacco products, lighters, matches, etc. will be confiscated.  Additionally, we encourage our students to realize that tobacco use is a serious health threat and to limit its use or quit as soon as possible.  Vape pens, e-cigarettes or any other electronic device that contains tobacco is prohibited on campus.  These will be confiscated if used or seen on or around campus.

Dress Code: Clothing worn to school should be comfortable and appropriate for school activities. While we encourage self-expression, your clothing should not distract from the learning process. Clothing must cover undergarments and the midriff. Clothing which promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gang affiliation, nudity or profanity is not allowed.

  1. Clothing and jewelry with writing or designs that depict prejudice, unlawful acts, tobacco, drugs or alcohol are prohibited.
  2. Clothing that reveals underwear or bare midriff is prohibited. Pants should be worn above the buttocks.
  3. Clothing that displays gang-related symbols, emblems, or other gang identifiers are prohibited.
  4. Sunglasses may not be worn in classrooms unless for medical reasons.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters: If you ride a bike to school, you can park it in the bike rack. Lock your bike. The school is not responsible for damage or theft while bikes are parked on campus. Skateboards may be used only for transportation to and from school; skateboards must be dropped off in the office before class and picked up after school. Scooters, motorized skateboards, etc. are not allowed on campus. For safety reasons, none of these may be ridden on campus.

Parking: Students who choose to drive to school must purchase a vehicle permit in the office. Permits will be issued upon completion of the Student Vehicle Application signed by a parent or guardian if under the age of 18. The cost is $5 and a new application must be completed each school year. Parking for students is in the back parking lot and under no circumstances can any ACES student park at Challenger.

Telephone Calls:Telephones in the main office are for emergency student use. Students many use the phones to contact parents if needed.

Student Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is the responsibility of every ACES High School student.  If it is necessary to be absent the student’s parent or guardian must call the school office after 7:00 AM and as early during the morning as possible on the day of the absence.  425 366 3900.

When absent all missed work is to be completed by the end of the grading period or the date directed by the teacher.  No work will be collected by teachers after the grading period has closed. During the school day students can make up work during Focus, lunch and after school.  Otherwise students must complete their missing assignments after school hours.

Please be aware that the Mukilteo School District has attendance policies and procedures as well as ACES High School. If your attendance violates the mandatory attendance laws, it is possible that you will be referred to Juvenile court and/or a community truancy board.

Student Tardy Policy

It is the expectation at ACES High School that all students come to school every day on time and arrive at every class on time. 

Students who come to school or class 5 minutes late will not be allowed to participate in class that day, but will be held accountable for the work and learning.  The one-minute bell is designed to alert students that they need to rush to class.  Once the tardy bell rings doors to classrooms will be closed.  Students who enter the classroom after the tardy bell and within 5 minutes are considered late.  There will be a consequence in every classroom directed by the teacher.  Students will not be allowed to enter a classroom after the 5 minutes and will go to Time Out for the remainder of the class period.  Students who are repeatedly late to classes will be subject to additional consequences. 

Note that students can enter first period within the first 10 minutes.  This is the only class period with this exception.

Students are expected to have a note or a phone call for the tardy to be excused.  If excused, the student will be given a pass to class.

Drugs and Alcohol

Some students occasionally think that it is acceptable or possibly entertaining to come to school under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  It must be clearly understood that under no circumstances is this acceptable.  It is an inarguable fact that students are not productive and will not achieve our high standards while under the influence.  We will not waste our time trying to teach you if you are high.  Students under the influence or in possession of an illegal substance are automatically, without exception, subject to the following consequences.  Please note that the building administrator has the legal right to search you; pockets, shoes, hats, all of your belongings including backpacks, purses and cars.  The administrator will search if any student comes under suspicion of possession or being under the influence.  All illegal items will be immediately confiscated. 

  1.  The student will face a 45 day suspension if this is a first offense and 90 day if a second offense.
  2. A conversion to a 10 day suspension is possible if the student and parent agree to the following conditions; an assessment at an outside agency, follow through on the agency recommendations, weekly meetings with the ACES High School Intervention Specialist to begin upon return.
  3. Depending on the circumstances law enforcement could be contacted.
  4. Chronic substance abuse can result in withdrawal from ACES High School.