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Mrs. Thomas Out on Pregnancy Leave

To the parents and students of all my courses:

I am officially out on pregnancy leave--from Monday the 30th of November through Monday the 29th of Februrary. The baby is due on the 9th of December, and my family and I can't wait to meet her. I know that this leave, however joyous it is for my family, can produce anxiety in students. However, Ms. Jane Frederick is serving as my long-term sub, and she is more than capable of executing my plans and improving your students' learning. During my leave, I ask you to direct any questions or concerns you have about grades or assignments to Ms. Frederick via my email address. She is monitoring my email and is well-versed in the course requirements in order to competently answer questions. I will respond to emails only when absolutely necessary. Please know, though, that I will have a hand in overseeing final grades come the end of the semester. Other than all of this, I look forward to working with your students directly again in February; I will miss them in the meantime, but will enjoy the time I spend with the newest member of my family. Thank you so much for your understanding and support. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season and excellent time in school over the next few months.


Ambyr Thomas