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Student Deliveries & Early Dismissals

Did your student forget his/her lunch, PE clothes, homework or other items at home? We have a parent drop-off shelf in the office.

  • Students may check the office drop-off shelf during their passing time and/or lunch for any items that may have been left for them.
  • We do not deliver the items or notes to class unless it is an emergency.
  • Students that forgot a lunch can buy a lunch from the cafeteria.
  • Please note that cell phones are not allowed during the school day, so a student may not get a text about an item that is dropped off.
  • Students are not allowed to have balloons and/or flowers delivered or with them in class on special occasions. These items are a distraction and are also not allowed on the bus.

We have over 980 students, and we want to minimize class interruptions and to help students be responsible for classroom supplies/homework/lunches.

If your child forgets items that he/she was supposed to bring to school, we strongly encourage you to let your student learn from the experience. However, if parents choose to bring forgotten items to school, items can be left on the drop-off shelf.

Early release notes, transportation changes and/or counselor/administrator appointment cards will still be delivered when necessary. Staff deliveries (PE clothes, lost and found items, etc.) will be delivered at the end of the day to cause the least amount of disruption.


If your student must leave early for an appointment, please send a note with your child to bring to the office before school. We will issue him/her an early dismissal slip that he/she can show to the teacher when it is time to leave and will be in the office waiting for you.