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Kindergarten Celebration & Laptop Return on June 19

Save the Date!


On Friday, June 19, we are planning a special celebration for students and families.  Children from each pod will have a chance to say goodbye to their teachers, paraeducators, and other adults who worked with them during the year.  We will have gifts for each child, report cards, and a Pathfinder certificate, along with music and bubbles to celebrate the end of a most unusual kindergarten year. 


If your child borrowed a school computer, we also ask that you return the computer and charging cord on the 19th.  June 18 is the last day for online learning with Google Classroom and Zoom meetings so students will no longer need their computers after the 18th   Yearbooks will be distributed to students who purchased them.  If you have a Pathfinder library book, please return the book on the 19th.


State guidelines require that we limit the number of people on our campus at any one time, so we have assigned each pod a half hour window to come to Pathfinder for a quick farewell:





11:30 – 12:00


Stevens, McPherron, Soeur-Wollen, Porter, Berggren

12:15 – 12:45


Kinnear, Bergquist, Bickhaus, Ratliff, Backholm, Mukai

1:00 – 1:30


Shipley, Takayoshi, Chang, Hubner-Cooley, Simm, Smullin

1:45 – 2:15


Gray/Cain, Ly, Portillo, Taie, Turtzo, Adams


Of course, to keep everyone safe, we will have to observe social distancing.  Kids and family members must remain in their vehicles, and farewells will have to be brief to keep traffic flowing.  Kids will receive their gifts and say a quick goodbye, then cars will be kept moving through the music and bubble zone.


If you are unable to come at your assigned time, you can still turn in computers and children can pick up their gift bags, but keep in mind that teachers and pod staff will only be available to greet the kids at their assigned pod time.


Please enter campus from the BUS LOOP (not the normal parent entrance).  Signs will direct you to the south entrance on Beverly Park Road.  We will have a single file line of traffic.  Families with computers and charging cords to return will pull off to the right where directed, and the next stop for everyone will be the staff farewell area, where children will receive their gifts through the passenger side window of your vehicle.


We really miss the children and would love the chance to see each child one more time so we really hope you can make it!


Yours for Kids,

Pathfinder Staff