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Report bullying, vandalism, drugs, and other safety concerns to the SafeSchools Alert Hotline.

Safety is one of the school district’s top priorities. To help safeguard the school community, the district provides a tip-reporting service that allows students, staff, parents, and members of the community to submit safety concerns by telephone, text, email, or the Internet.

Called SafeSchools Alert, the system can be used to report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, or vandalism, or any other kind of safety issue. And, the tips can be submitted anonymously. (Those calling to report an emergency will be advised to call 9-1-1, instead.)

A person with a concern can submit a tip in any of four ways:

Every tip that is received will immediately be logged into the SafeSchools Alert system, which will automatically notify administrators so they can investigate and take appropriate action. Whether a tip is submitted anonymously or with a name, the person who made the tip also can check back later to see how the matter was handled.