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When will the canceled school days be made up?  


A question on the minds of many parents as a result of the recent string of snow storms is when those canceled school days will be made up, which they must because state law requires that students attend school for 180 days. The answer to that question is unknown at this point. Here’s what we know:


  • The make-up days will not be taken from Mid-Winter Break or from Spring Break. Many parents and staff members have already made commitments for those days, so we do not want to cause them to change those plans at this late date.
  • When this year’s calendar was developed, we set aside four days as potential snow make-up days. Because most years have no canceled cdays or only one, four was considered more than enough. Now, the scheduling of seven make-up days will need to be decided.
  • Before making a decisiion, we wanted to wait until winter was over and the threat of more canceled days was behind us.
  • The dates already established for high school graduation ceremonies will not change.
  • Any changes to the work calendar must be approved by the collective bargaining groups that represent school district employees.
  • There is an opportunity to request a waiver from the state for school days that were canceled during the state of emergency that was declared by the governor. The school district has been weighing the advantages and dissadvantages of requesting such a waiver.
  • Whether or not days are waived, the school district still must provide students with a minimum number of instructional hours.


The Mukilteo School District will consider all of these factors in deciding when the canceled school days will be made up. We will make an official announcement as soon as we can.