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The last day of school has been changed.

The last day of school for Mukilteo students this year will be Tuesday, June 25. The change in the calendar was made by the school board to account for school days that were canceled by a series of snow storms in February. 


A total of seven days had been canceled because of the storms. Five of those will be made up by adding five days to the end of school year, thus changing the last day from the originally scheduled Tuesday, June 18 to June 25.


The school district has received a state waive for the other two days, which is permitted because those canceled days occurred during a state of emergency that was declared by the governor. While those school days are waived, a state requirement for total instructional time still must be met by schools. That requirement will be met in Mukilteo by the students attending school until June 25.


Here is a revised 2018-19 student calendar that shows the changes. Please note that Friday, June 21 will be a full day of school and that students will be dismissed 75 minutes early on Tuesday, June 25, just as they are on Learning Improvement Time Fridays.