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Overcrowding forces district to restrict enrollment of students who live outside of the attendance area

Overcrowded buildings will cause 20 of the Mukilteo School District’s 21 schools and programs to limit new admissions next year to just those students who live within the school district boundary. It will be the 15th consecutive year that the school district has placed restrictions on admission to students who live outside of its attendance area.


With the restriction, all three of the school district’s high schools, all four middle schools, the Community-Based Transition Center, and 12 of its 13 elementary schools will not consider enrollment applications from students who live outside of the school district boundary.


All public schools are required by state law to accept the admission of all students, even those who live outside of its boundaries. Schools can deny admission only if a student has had behavior or attendance issues at his or her previous school or if admitting the student will add to an already-overcrowded school.


Each year the Mukilteo School District analyzes enrollment forecasts and building capacities from its approved Capital Facilities Plan to determine which of its schools will not have enough room available the following fall. The enrollment restrictions were placed on the 20 schools where the projected enrollment for the 2019-20 school year exceeds the capacity of the building.


Those schools projected to exceed capacity next year are: ACES, Kamiak, and Mariner high schools; Explorer, Harbour Pointe, Olympic View, and Voyager middle schools; the Community-Based Transition Center; and Challenger, Columbia, Discovery, Endeavour, Fairmount, Horizon, Lake Stickney, Mukilteo, Odyssey, Olivia Park, Pathfinder Kindergarten Center, and Picnic Point elementary schools.


Only Serene Lake Elementary will be open to enrollment by students who live outside of the Mukilteo School District attendance area, but program capacity there may also limit admission to certain grade levels or programs.


With the enrollment restriction, out-of-district students already enrolled in any Mukilteo school can continue to attend that school, but the restriction means that out-of-district students currently attending a Mukilteo elementary school would not be able to move up to middle school with his or her current classmates and that out-of-district students attending a Mukilteo middle school would not be able to move up to high school with their current classmates.