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Return to in-person learning delayed

The current guidance from Snohomish Health District and the Department of Health recommends limited in-person learning for students with the highest needs and youngest learners while considering planning to expand to in-person for elementary students. Over the past four weeks, a core team has been planning carefully and thoughtfully to bring back preschool through second grade students, including their grade-level peers in special programs.  

The district closely monitors the daily and weekly data provided by Snohomish Health District.  District leaders from across Snohomish County meet every two weeks with Snohomish Health District to review the average 14-day counts. The County COVID-19 case rate per 100,000 over the past four weeks shows an upward trend. In addition, community level data shows infection rates are higher within our school district boundaries compared to the rest of the county. This directly affects many of our students and families.

We are delaying our tentative date of October 26 to bring back preschool to grade 2 students. We will monitor the county’s data updates for the next several weeks. During this time, we will decide whether we can confirm a new target date or whether we must delay. We will communicate at least two weeks in advance of bringing students back to school to help families, students and teachers prepare. 

We have heard from many of you about students' excitement to be back at school with friends and teachers, and we remain committed to bringing people back to school as safely and quickly as possible while providing the option for students to stay in distance learning. While we are pausing on our return to schools for now, our planning for in-person learning will continue with the Mukilteo School District Board of Directors and labor association leadership.