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In-district transfer requests available online

The in-district transfer request process will be online once again. Families seeking a school transfer within the school district for the 2022-23 school year, should complete the online request form on the district website on the Students and Families tab under Forms. The requests are considered in the order they are received.

Please note that many schools are closed to transfers because they are already at or over capacity. Transfers will not be permitted to schools, programs, grade levels, or classrooms at capacity. Please refer to Board Policy 3131 and Procedures 3131P for additional information regarding the in-district transfer process.

If your student is already attending a school on a transfer, you do not need to renew the request UNLESS your student will be attending a new school next year (ex: if your child is graduating elementary or middle school and you’d like to request a school other than your neighborhood school).

For ALL grade levels, it may take up to the seventh day of school in September for a transfer decision to be made as we determine if there is space available at the school. If your in-district transfer request is approved, you will be responsible to transporting your child to the new school. 

Again, the above process is only for students who reside in the district and who are requesting to attend a school (other than their resident school) within Mukilteo School District next year. Additional information and the release form for attending another school district can be found on the Students and Families tab under Forms.