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ACES Big Picture program coming in fall 2024!

Starting in September 2024, ACES High School will offer a new program that provides different student learning experiences than traditional high school programs. Students who attend ACES after this school year can focus on projects and learning that they design! The program will be limited to 120 students schoolwide and will offer small group supports and customized learning plans.


Highlights of the program: 

  • students show learning through competencies, not credits
  • students show learning through projects driven by their unique interests and design thinking
  • Projects will include personal learning plans, goal setting, and portfolios
  • Assessments are project-based exhibitions rather than tests
  • students connect to the world outside of school by participating in internships related to their areas of study
  • students learn in a small school environment supported by staff who care about the interests that drive each student’s learning
  • teachers advise students on how to tackle their projects and meet competencies
  • Instead of a six-period day, a more open school schedule allows for deeper involvement in self-directed projects and potential internships


Does this sound interesting? Learn more on the ACES website and watch the Feb. 28 webinar recording

Contact Blake Baird (425-366-3910) to answer any immediate questions you have.