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New Dual Language program for kindergarten

  • The Mukilteo School District Dual Language program will begin in the Fall of 2024. It will be a Spanish-English bilingual program in which students develop academic and social skills in both languages. The dual language program promotes cultural diversity and respect among all students. The program follows the 90:10 model in which, starting in kindergarten, 90 percent of the day is in Spanish and 10 percent is in English. As students progress through the grades, Spanish decreases by 10 percent and English increases by 10 percent, reaching 50 percent Spanish and 50 percent English starting in 4th grade. 

    The goals of the program are for students to become cross-culturally competent, bilingual, biliterate, and achieve grade level proficiency in all subjects in both languages. 

    Schools and grades for the 2024-25 school year

    The program will grow one grade level every school year.

    To learn more and see if this program would be right for your family, visit the Dual Language website