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New QR Code for Ordering

A qr code on a white backgroundDescription automatically generated


Scan the QR Code for online purchases.

With your phone go to the Voyager Website or the Mukilteo School District Website scroll down to payments and click on it.

Create an account: Use your QMlativ Family Access username and create a password or Use student ID# and create a password.

If purchased PE Clothing or VO t-shirt, go to PE line to get sizes. Have purchase on phone ready to show.


Scan the QR Code for online purchases for:

Yearbook: $20.00 (to be distributed in June)

Voyager T-shirt: $10

PE Shirt, Short & Sweatpants: $30.00

PE Shirt & Sweatpants: $21.00

PE Shirt & Short: $15.00

PE Shirt: $6.00

PE Short: $10.00