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Reminders From the School Nurse

In the event that your child is sick or injured while here at school please keep the following in mind:

The school needs up to date emergency contact information.  That means phone numbers for us to call in the event of illness/injury that someone will answer.  Two to three contacts are needed for each student.  Often times the numbers that we have on file are either no longer in use or no one answers, resulting in lengthy stays in the health room.

You should also develop a plan for picking up your student promptly in the event s/he becomes ill or injured at school.  We feel terrible when sick students are forced to stay at school when we can't contact parents/guardians.

Keep your student at home if s/he has symptoms of a beginning illness.  To determine if your student is able to attend school, ask the questions:  "Is my child able to participate fully in classroom activities?"  "Is my child free from a communicable disease that could be transmitted to others?"  If they have an illness that could be spread to others through their: coughing, sneezing, vomiting, etc, they should not come to school.

Keeping your child healthy and well is our main goal in order to maximize their learning.  Thank you for taking the time to read and consider the above points and thank you for all you do every day to support the health, safety and education of our students.

Renee Reynolds, RN, MN

School Nurse, Voyager Middle School