March 25th - Miss You Guys!

Thank you for your patience and grace as we transition from our classrooms to our homes in order to keep the safety of our community. We appreciate you prioritizing the wellbeing of us all as we work through this trying time.

Just an update: I miss you all! I wake up each morning wishing I was going in to work with my class. :( What's up? Are you washing your hands? With soap? And water? What games are you playing? I learned how to do a TikTok dance since we are all stuck inside all day. Yes, I rocked it. No, you can't see it.


Anyway, keep a look out for some art videos I will be putting up soon! I'll be uploading some how-to DIY projects that you can do at home. Some examples:

-How to make your own paper at home

-How to press fresh flowers for your notebooks

-How to tea-stain paper (to look old and cool!)

I'll see you guys later! Please remember to thank your families for keeping you safe and support each other through this time. Remember, they yo homies! Stay at home and stay healthy!


:) Miss Caldwell