Class Newsletter 10/23/20

Mrs. Uyeda’s Third Grade Newsletter                    10/23/20

Next week…

Small groups begin next week…  Beginning this Wednesday, I will be offering two intervention sessions focusing on multiplication and division concepts from unit 1.  These intervention sessions will be offered to students from 9:05-9:20 and 9:30-9:45. Students may attend both sessions.  We will use the same class meeting zoom link for interventions. We will probably be using whiteboards, so please have whiteboards and markers handy before logging in.

Reading – We continue unit 3: making inferences. In this unit students explore characters, a key element of narrative text structure. They make inferences to understand characters’ traits and feelings as well as how they develop and change. They come to understand that stories are about characters, the problems they face, how they deal with those problems, and how they change as a result. Sometimes character change is dramatic; at other times character change can be as subtle as a realization or a new perspective. This is a 5-week unit so we will be working on making inferences through November. 

Writing- We continue unit 2: the writing process.  In this unit, students learn about the writing process by working with pieces of writing from their first drafts through publication. They will select a draft to develop and publish. They reread their work critically and revise it, replacing overused words with more interesting ones, and exploring strong opening sentences and effective titles. They learn procedures for proofreading for spelling and conventions using a resource. They write final versions of their writing and present to other author’s in our class.  

Math- Next week we will be wrapping up unit 1. Unit 1 review and test will be next week. Please be prepared to ask questions and show what you have learned from unit 1 of math.  If you have not been keeping up with math lessons and assignments, you can check for those assignments by clicking on grades along the left side on Schoology’s front page. Any assignments with a line have not been completed.  Here’s a link how to access:

You can also find this link in our ‘How to videos’ folder located on the front page of Schoology.

Daily assignments- Reading, Writing and Math assignments and discussions are posted. If your child has not yet completed and/or submitted work, please remind them to complete schoolwork daily allowing for flexibility and breaks. Posted work is due the Sunday at midnight to allow time to complete before the new week begins. Students should expect to read every day at least 30 minutes.  Raz-kids and Epic are reading resources, if you need additional reading material.

Library Book for Grades 3-5: Students in grade 3-5 can request books by placing titles on hold using the library catalog or fill out a book request form. They do not do both. If they know what books they would like, then they use the catalog. If they need recommendations, they use the request forms. This is the link to the catalog:

This is the link to the 3-5 book request from:

How to access this has been shows during specialist learning time and it is also posted in the library Schoology courses. If you would like to see it again, here is the course link:

Parent access to Schoology- Currently, Schoology does not have an effective way for teachers to show student’s missing work to parents. However, there is a way for parents to check on assignments and see what your child has been working on (or not working on). Please check weekly or more often, so you know what work is needed. Here is a link with instructions and Schoology features to allow you to do that.

Please keep in mind when checking some features meant for older students may not be available to us. It would be valuable to check ‘Grades’ as it will list assignments. Assignments that have not been completed will have a line next to it. Completed assignments will have a square next to it.


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you so much for all your help and support! I so appreciate you all.

Mrs. U.