Dear Third Grade Families,

    Here is the latest information for our class.  Please let me know if you have questions. Just a friendly reminder that next week is mid-winter break. No new assignments will be posted next week. However, feel free to complete past assignments and/or work on Moby Max or Prodigy. Login and password information will be available on Schoology. Of course, please continue to make time for reading. Epic and Raz-kids are available throughout next week too! Finally, you may request school library books. Check out the information below to see how to do that. The next supply pick-up will be March 2nd from 3:00-5:30.

    To prepare for report cards, students will take the Star Reading and Math test. As earlier, we will complete the test on zoom. If possible, please assist your child in finding a quiet spot to test. Please do not assist with answering any of the questions. You may help find the test and trouble shoot technology issues. Star reading will be administered Thursday, February 25th. Star Math will be completed Thursday, March 4th. Please allow for about an hour for each test. Individual reading assessments will also be given and scheduled one-on-one with students.  As possible, please have students attend class daily.  Thank you for all your help and support.                                        

Have a wonderful week. See you soon!

Mrs. U 😊


Reading – Next week we will begin Unit 6. This 4-week unit begins our work with expository nonfiction. During this unit, students use text features to better understand information in expository nonfiction texts. They hear and read expository nonfiction texts, explore text features and how they will better support them in their reading. Nonfiction plays an important role in learning as student progress through the elementary grades. Students must be able to read and understand both narrative nonfiction- biographies, memoirs, etc. and expository texts. Expository texts include textbooks, newspapers, online and print articles. Some text features discussed in this unit include- back-cover summaries, table of contents, indexes, keywords, glossaries, text boxes, etc. Students will notice these text features and use to help them better locate, understand, and use the information learned in these expository texts.  If possible, try reading more expository text during IDR.    

Writing- We were not able to wrap up Opinion writing this week so students will work on the opinion test when we return. Students have learned and worked to understand the many parts of opinion essays. To conclude this unit, students will write a final opinion essay arguing who is the most interesting American women – Harriet Quimby (the first woman to fly across the English Channel), Wilma Rudolph (a great Olympic runner) or Justice Sonia Sotomayor (the first Latin American Supreme Court justice). Students should attempt to complete this writing test independently. This will allow me to observe what they understand about opinion writing and what they are working on.  Dates for the next writing unit will be announced later. However, we will most likely launch the Expository writing unit sometimes after winter break.

Math- Unit 4 will conclude next week. The next scheduled unit is Measurement, Time, and Graphs.  During this unit, students may explore ways to measure things and solve problems involving liquid volumes and masses of objects. They read time to the minute and solve words problems involving addition and subtraction of time. Students read and create pictographs and bar graphs and organize and display data in frequency tables and line plots. Multiplication and division continue to be important so regular practice along with fluency checks will occur.  Please practice multiplication and division facts.

Daily assignments- Reading, Writing and Math assignments and discussions are posted. If your child has not yet completed and/or submitted work, please remind them to complete schoolwork daily allowing for flexibility and breaks. Posted work is due the Sunday at midnight to allow time to complete before the new week begins. Students should expect to read every day at least 30 minutes.  Raz-kids and Epic are reading resources if you need additional reading material.

Library Curbside Pickup-  Students may check out school library books by filling out a book request form in Schoology or emailing the librarian, Ms. Le at   Please look for reminder messages for the next pickup dates to get your books.

Parent access to Schoology- Currently, Schoology does not have an effective way for teachers to show student’s missing work to parents. However, there is a way for parents to check on assignments and see what your child has been working on (or not working on). Please check weekly or more often, so you know what work is needed. Here is a link with instructions and Schoology features to allow you to do that.

Here is a link to additional help videos for Schoology.


Thank you so much for all your help and support! I so appreciate you all.