Class Newsletter 04/16/2021


Dear Families and Guardians,

    ATTENDANCE…  PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE IF YOUR CHILD WILL BE ABSENT. 425.366.3300.  For tracking, we need absences and students who will be tardy to notify the school office.   Thank you!

Our first week back after Spring Break has been a whirlwind. Thank you for all your support and patience as we transition once again.  😊   Given the change, we have taken some time to establish norms and new procedures (especially Roomers) but are somewhat ready to dive back into academics. Here’s a peek into what’s ahead…

Reading – Unit *: Determining Important Ideas. In this unit, students focus on determining important ideas in text to better understand and remember what they read. They also make inferences, visualize, and identify what they learn and wonder as they hear and discuss read-alouds from a variety of genres.   

Writing- We’ll be stepping away from expository writing soon return to Opinion Writing. Here’s a short introductory YouTube video we’ll use to review what opinion writing is.  Students will also continue to share their expository pieces so if your child has not finished, they may continue to work on it and share when finished.

Math- Unit 7- Fractions…  In this unit, your child will be introduced to fractions. Students will build fractions from unit fractions and explore fractions as parts of a whole.

unit fraction

Students will find equivalent fractions and compare fractions with either the same denominator or the same numerator.


In this unit, your child will also solve real word problems using their understand of fraction concepts.




Ms. Uyeda