Class Newsletter


Dear Families and Guardians,

  As we head into our third week of in-person learning, please remind students following safety measures is still important. Remind them to wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and do not share school supplies. If your child needs masks or school supplies, please encourage them to talk to me or message me in Schoology.  We will get what they need!  You may still check out books from the school library. Students can order and pick up on Thursdays. Please encourage them to read daily. 

  The next supply pick-up will be … Wednesday, May ???? from ??? to ???.  Please call office to arrange a time to pick-up supplies. If you are unable to do so on Wednesday. 

  Finally, please encourage your child to login to Schoology in the afternoon to complete any assignments not completed during class. 

Reading – Unit 8: Determining Important Ideas. In this unit, students focus on determining important ideas in text to better understand and remember what they read. They also make inferences, visualize, and identify what they learn and wonder as they hear and discuss read-alouds from a variety of genres.  

Writing- Continued review of Opinion Writing. Students are currently working on writing an opinion about whether the game of tag should be banned. We read an article, which shared reasons for both sides of the argument. Student will share their opinion and provide supporting reasons. We will most likely wrap up this review next week. Depending on our schedule, I would like to review and write another expository piece. I will keep you posted!  

Math- Unit 7- Fractions…continues…  In this unit, your child will be introduced to fractions. Students will build fractions from unit fractions and explore fractions as parts of a whole.

Students will find equivalent fractions and compare fractions with either the same denominator or the same numerator.

In this unit, your child will also solve real word problems using their understand of fraction concepts.




Ms. Uyeda