Daily Class Schedule

9:15-9:25  Students arrive in the pod and eat breakfast

9:25 First Bell; students eat breakfast and enter classroom

9:30 Tardy Bell; students enter classroom, unpack, complete fine motor activities

9:35 Welcome circle; flag salute

9:40 Whole class reading lesson

10:00 Reading rotations with Mr. Soeur's class

11:00 Whole class writing lesson

11:25 Specialist (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday in the gym)

12:05 Lunch/Recess

1:00 Math rotations

1:45 Whole class math lesson

2:00 Whole class reading lesson; Independent Daily Reading (IDR)

2:30 Daily math routine; snack; pack up

2:45 Play to Learn planning and set up

3:00 Recess

3:15 Play to Learn

3:55 Student dismissal