Weekly Friday Blurb

Weekly ‘Thursday’ Blurb

I wanted parents to know about a dangerous social media challenge circulating.  While we haven’t heard anything from Odyssey students or families, it seems to be wide spread which is why I wanted our families to be aware so you can be proactive.

There is a social media challenge circulating called ‘The Penny Challenge’.  It is encouraging people to record and post a video on Tik Tok of themselves partially plugging in a cell phone charger and then sliding a penny between the charger and the wall.  This will result in sparks which may start a fire, damage the outlet, and/or injure the person. While Tik Tok is meant for children 13 and older, it also does not verify the user’s age. 

I hope this information is helpful as you monitor you child’s internet or social media use, so all of our children and families remain safe. 

Next Week’s Events

Mon.- Principal Awards

Tue. – 5th Grade Drama Club

Wed. – Newsletters Go Home

           Student Leadership

Thur. – PTA Movie Night @ 6:00 PM

Fri. – No School: Waiver Day