Weekly Friday Blurb

Weekly Friday Blurb


Odyssey’s Elementary Support Specialists (ESS’s) have been teaching the Second Step Bullying Prevention Units to all students (K-5th) this year.  These units are grade-level specific and include 4 lessons.  Students are taught to RECOGNIZE, REPORT, and REFUSE bullying behaviors.  This curriculum defines bullying as…

  • ONGOING - when someone keeps being mean to someone else on purpose, and the person it is happening to has not been able to make it stop. 
  • UNFAIR – the person or group being mean has more power than the other person, for example: age, size, number of students etc.
  • ONE-SIDED – One person is doing the mean behavior but the other person is not. 


Additionally, the ESS’s have been creating videos to support the teachers with the Kelso Curriculum in their classrooms.  Kelso the Frog teaches students the difference between small and big problems, 9 ways to solve problems on their own, and when to ask an adult for help. 


If you would like to learn more about either of these programs, please reach out to our wonderful ESS’s…

Mrs. Mensah (SarpongmensahRS@mukilteo.wednet.edu) or

Mrs. Huber (HuberJA@mukilteo.wednet.edu).


Kelso wheel of choice


Rebecca Oren

Principal, Odyssey Elementary

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