Nov. 18, 2021 Family message

Dear Mukilteo School District families,


We have received several emails and school board comments about Critical Race Theory. Our school district is not alone. There is a lot of conversation and misinformation across our nation about this topic. I want to offer some facts about what our school district does and doesn’t do.


Critical Race Theory (CRT) is term that has been around since the 1970s and has begun to be used recently as a political shortcut to lump together a variety of positions and practices. Many times, the term is used without being fully understood by the user. Because of this, many important equity initiatives that are not CRT are getting swept up in the current debate. You can learn more about CRT on the district Equity website.


Critical Race Theory is not included in student curriculum. However, I understand that some community members are concerned by the rumors they have heard and want to better understand what children are learning in our schools.


Our district’s goal is to better serve all students and one of the ways we do that is by learning more about different races and cultures and examining our own practices for potential bias. We want all students to feel welcome and to better understand each other and the many different backgrounds and experiences that make our schools great. Our schools are microcosms of our communities, and we aim to remove barriers wherever possible so each student can succeed.  


If you have questions about what your child is learning in class, I invite you to talk with your child about the curriculum and class discussions. We are a very diverse school district with many races and about 100 different languages spoken in homes throughout our district. The histories and experiences from students and their families are unique and important to hear and honor. That diversity is a strength and one of the reasons I am so humbled and proud to serve this school district and its families.



Dr. Alison Brynelson