Jan. 7, 2022 Family message

Dear Mukilteo School District families,

As you have seen and perhaps experienced in your own family, the new COVID-19 variant is spreading rapidly, increasing illness and the demand for testing among staff and community nationwide. Testing supplies and availability are limited everywhere. The increased cases and limited testing capabilities have added to the already challenging staffing shortages in our district as well as other school districts. We continue to work with our testing provider to offer testing to students and staff again soon and will update you once that plan is confirmed.


Staff flexibility and willingness to cover the resulting shortages have been admirable. However, we are preparing for what might happen if those staff shortages become untenable at some point. We are committed to keeping our schools open and our interest is to maintain in-person learning as long and as much as possible, but we recognize that there may be a situation when that is not possible. Therefore, we want to share our plans in case that occurs.


If the district, a school, a classroom, or program must temporarily change from in-person learning to remote learning, we’ll let impacted families know as soon as possible, ideally at least the night before. Schools would provide a remote learning schedule that largely follows the in-person schedule. One asynchronous day would be provided to allow staff to prepare for remote learning. This will also allow time for any students without technology to pick it up as well as distribute any medications back to families.


We are working hard to continue in-person learning until the current spike in cases declines, which may be in early February according to local health officials, but we wanted to proactively communicate the above plans in case we need them. Thank you for your continued flexibility and patience through this ongoing pandemic.




  • While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shared new guidance for close contact quarantine length, the Washington State Department of Health has not yet announced a change in quarantine length. Washington school districts must follow the state guidelines, so the unvaccinated close contact quarantine remains at 10 days with the option to return after seven days with a negative test result on day seven until the state instructs us otherwise.
  • If a household member is home sick with COVID-19 and your child has any symptoms, they must stay at home for 10 days REGARDLESS of vaccination status.
  • Use universal precautions: keep your distance, wear your mask, with everyone.
  • Maintain six feet of physical distance from others as much as possible.
  • To avoid quarantine, infection, and severe illness, get your booster shot. Encourage eligible friends and family to do the same.
  • Wash your hands routinely, particularly before eating or after touching your face. Try to avoid touching your mask.
  • Keep children home who are showing any symptoms and get tested, if possible, if you are sick.
  • If you haven’t already, please get vaccinated and boosted when eligible!


Mukilteo School District