Happy Musical Monday! Singin' in the Rain (3/30)

Happy Monday Everyone! 

Our first Musical Monday is going to be over one of the most well-recognized musicals in the United States. 

Singin' In the Rain is about 3 actors in the 1920's as they transition from silent movies to "talkies". The three main characters, Don Lockwood, Kathy Seldon, and Cosmo Brown plan together to make their new movie, The Dancing Cavalier, a roaring success. 

The turning point in the musical where the ideas come together is with the song "Good Morning" where the three main characters stay up all night to come up with the idea for The Dancing Cavalier.

Watch "Good Morning Here"


About the cast:

Gene Kelly plays Don Lockwood. Gene Kelly is a legendary broadway and film performer, actor, director, and choreographer. 

Debbie Reynolds plays Kathy Seldon. Debbie Reynolds has a long history in Hollywood spanning over 60 years. Another fun fact: she is the mother to Carrie Fisher AKA Princess Leia! 

Donald O'Connor plays Cosmo Brown. O'Connor, like Kelly, had a long career on stage and in film.