Throwback Thursday 4/2

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! 

To start our first throwback Thursday, here is the Cha Cha Slide. The Cha Cha slide was released in 2000 and became a popular line dance and has remained popular at social gatherings. It is also great for a brain break! 


Here are the steps-

to the (left/right)- step out to the side with your foot and step in with the other foot

take it back- Take a step backwards

hop- DJ Casper will tell you how many hops to do


Cha Cha- Step forward with your left foot, bring it back in, and 3 little steps in place, then right foot step out, three little steps in place,

Turn it out- Turn your body to the left and face the wall you could have pointed at by lifting your left arm straight out to your side.

Criss-Cross- Jump, cross your feet and land, jump, end feet apart

Reverse- jump  and face the wall that was behind you

Hands on your knees- bend and put your hands on your knees

Freeze!- pose 

How low can you go? - Twist and slowly bend at the knees and bring your body to the ground.

Bring it to the top- Twist back up to where you are standing normally again

Charlie Brown- start with one foot in the air and one on the ground. Jump and switch which foot is in the air while keeping your leg straight. 


Have fun! Try and have someone dance with you if you can!