April 19- April 23

Posted by Esther Moton on 4/20/2021

Today, 4/20/21, schoology is down but this may happen again so here is where the zoom links for my class, PE and Music are posted so you can access them when not in Schoology.

My class zoom link: Class Zoom Link

PE/Music Zoom link: Music/PE Link

Library Zoom link: Library Link


Here is the link to this week's Assignment Sheet




This week we are continuing to practice solving elapsed time word problems.

We will have a quiz on Thursday to determine who understands elapsed time and who needs more practice.


math We are also continuing to review multiplication facts.



We are working on determining the main idea and key details in informational texts as well as exploring opinion articles. We are working on determining the author's opinion and using supporting details from the article to explain our reasoning.       

        Social Studies


elephant Writing

We are just beginning to research about the influence zoos have on animals because we will be writing an opinion essay on whether or not zoos are good places for animals to live.





This week we will be continuing our unit on Forces and Motions. Here is the link to this week's investigation:

Mystery Science




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