In-District Transfer Request Forms

An In-District Transfer Request is needed when you live in the Mukilteo School District, and would like your student(s) to attend a school that is not your neighborhood school. It is also used when your student is already attending school, and you move during the school year within the district, but outside of the service area for your student's current school, and would like to request for your student(s) to remain at their current school. If you are not sure what your neighborhood school is, we have the district map and Versatrans where you can see which school your student(s) should attend based on your home address. If you have any questions, please contact Judy Heminger for grades K-5, or Brenna Fullner for grades 6-12.

Requests will not be accepted for the current school year after March 31st, unless you need to submit a "Request to Remain". A Request to Remain is when you have moved outside of the boundaries of the school that your student(s) is/are currently attending and would like to submit a request for them to continue to attend at their current school.

  • If you are new to the district and need to enroll your student(s), please enroll them at your neighborhood school. You do NOT need to fill out a transfer request to enroll at your neighborhood school.
  • If you move during the school year and would like to change your student's enrollment to your new neighborhood school, please contact your new neighborhood school and they will help change your student's enrollment. You do NOT need to fill out a transfer request to enroll at your neighborhood school.

Transfers in or out of ACES in-person or the ALE online program, are processed through the school. Please contact their office at 425-366-3900 to make a request.

Once approved, an In-District Transfer is granted through the highest grade offered at the school the transfer is approved for and does not need to be renewed while your student attends that school.
Elementary school: grades K or 1 - 5
Middle school: grades 6 - 8
High school: grades 9 - 12
PKC: kindergarten only

If you do need to request an in-district transfer, please follow the link below to the request form:

Current School Year Ending June 2024 - In-District Transfer Request Form

Upcoming September 2024 - June 2025 School Year - In-District Transfer Request Form

In-District Transfer Request Mukilteo School Board Policy and Procedure
Policy 3131 - Attendance Area Transfers
Procedure 3131-P - Attendance Area Transfers