Assignment and Transfer of Administrative Staff - 6130

Mukilteo School District
Administration - Series 6000
Assignment and Transfer of Administrative Staff - 6130

Administrative staff are responsible to the Board through the Superintendent. The assignment of administrative staff will be in accordance with the organizational chart of the District. The Board will approve the initial assignment of administrative staff at the time of employment and when such assignments involve a transfer from one building to another. All such assignments will be consistent with the endorsement(s) of the respective principals.

The Superintendent will have the authority to reorganize and/or rearrange the specific responsibilities of the administrative and supervisory staff in a manner that will provide for the effective operation of the District. The Superintendent will, in considering any assignment or transfer, base a decision on such factors as the desired performance and/or expectations inherent in the position, the staff member's background and preparation, the staff member's past performance, and the impact on other facets of the District's operations.

Administrative staff members will be informed of their assignments no later than June 15 except that nothing in this policy will prevent the Superintendent from reassigning an administrative staff member for good cause during the school year.

A certificated staff member who is being transferred at the expiration of their employment contract to any administrative or nonadministrative position for which the annual compensation is less than the position currently held by the administrator will be notified in writing by May 15, or June 1 if the omnibus appropriations act has not been passed by the legislature by May 15, of the reason for the transfer and the position to which he/ she will be transferred.

If written request is made to the Board within 10 days, the staff member will be given the opportunity to meet informally with the Board in executive session to refute any facts upon which the determination of transfer was made and to support their request to reconsider the decision of the Superintendent. The Board will render its final decision within 10 days of the informal meeting.

Principals are not subject to transfer to a subordinate position after three consecutive years of employment as a principal in the district or after the first year in the case of a principal who has been employed for three or more consecutive years as a principal in another district in the state of Washington.

Legal References:

RCW 28A.405.230 Conditions and contracts of employment -- Transfer of administrator to subordinate certificated position -- Notice -- Procedure

Adoption Date: November 24, 1997