Evaluation of the Superintendent - Procedures - 6122-P

Mukilteo School District
Administration - Series 6000
Evaluation of the Superintendent - 6122-P

A sound appraisal system provides opportunities for communication between the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education. The Superintendent and the Board working cooperatively can identify interests and priorities and translate them into goals and objectives which support academic success for every student.

Specific purposes for this evaluative process are:

  • Clarify the Board's expectations of the Superintendent's performance.
  • Enable the Superintendent to know how their performance is perceived by the Board.
  • Identify strengths in the Superintendent's performance.
  • Provide a plan by which needs for improvement, if necessary, can be met.
  • Improve communication between the Board and the Superintendent.
  • Foster a high trust level between Superintendent and Board.
  • Enable the Board to hold the Superintendent accountable for carrying out its policies and responding to its priorities.
  • Assist the Board in better understanding its function and responsibilities and those of the Superintendent or designee.

The annual evaluation will be conducted in January/February or by a mutually agreed upon date.

  1. Evaluation forms will be given to Board members by the Board President at the first Board meeting in January.
  2. Board members will complete the instrument as individuals.
  3. The Board of Education will meet as a whole to review and discuss individual inputs. The Board will reach a consensus, and the Board President will complete a summary document.
  4. The Board of Education will meet with the Superintendent in Executive Session to discuss the summary document and modify as appropriate. Acceptance of any modifications to the Superintendent’s contract will occur at an open public meeting of the Board.
  5. The Superintendent and the Board President will sign the modified document as an indication that the document has been reviewed.  A copy will be placed in the Superintendent's personnel file and a copy given to the Superintendent.

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