The Superintendent - Procedures - 6120-P

Mukilteo School District
Administration - Series 6000
The Superintendent - Procedures - 6120-P

The Superintendent serves as the District's chief administrative and executive officer and professional advisor to the Board in the formulation of plans and policies. The Superintendent will make recommendations to the Board on matters pertaining to the welfare of the schools. The Superintendent will implement the policies of the Board and develop procedures and practices consistent with those policies.

The Superintendent will keep the citizens of the District well informed on all aspects of the school program and progress of students. The Superintendent may delegate to other administrative and supervisory staff the responsibility for various segments of the District's operation, but remains responsible to the Board for the results produced.

As executive officer of the Board, the Superintendent will:

  1. Assist the Board in policy development and enact procedures which implement their expressed intent.

  2. Provide instructional leadership in such a manner that students receive an education that will enable them to fulfill an optimum role in society.

  3. Uphold the rights of students; hold them accountable for regular attendance and appropriate conduct; apply appropriate corrective action in the event of misconduct; and take necessary action in the interest of their general welfare.

  4. Facilitate interaction and participation between schools, parents and various community groups.

  5. Select, develop and evaluate staff for the purpose of achieving the goals of the District.

  6. Assign responsibilities to administrators and hold them accountable for accomplishment of specific goals.

  7. Develop budgets and monitor expenditures which reflect the fiscal ability of the District and the needs and desires of the Board, community, and staff.

  8. Maintain and/or upgrade the buildings and grounds of the District in order to assure maximum learning opportunities for students and to protect the health and safety of students and staff.

  9. Protect the District from risk of loss due to damage to physical property or to action or non-action of its staff.

November 24, 1997