Principals - 6210

Mukilteo School District
Administration - Series 6000
Principals - 6210

The District will hold principals and other administrative staff accountable for the proper and efficient conduct of classroom teaching in their schools which will meet the individual and collective needs of the particular students enrolled. Principals will achieve and maintain standards of excellence in the instructional program so that each student exposed to this program derives the greatest academic and personal benefit from the learning experience. They have primary responsibility for the improvement of instruction in their programs. A major portion of the principal's time is to be spent with staff, including classroom observations, staff evaluations, departmental meetings, and a review of instructional materials and new and promising innovations in teaching. A principal must possess the knowledge and skill necessary to evaluate the performance of staff members in accordance with district evaluation procedures. A principal should create a school environment of respect, trust and collaboration with students, staff, families and community members. The Superintendent will be responsible for determining the evaluation skill and/or needs in considering candidates for the position of principal as well as providing an on-going development program related to the needs of all principals.

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Adoption Date: November 24, 1997