Professional, Civic and Service Organization Memberships - 6430

Mukilteo School District
Administration - Series 6000
Professional, Civic, and Service Organization Memberships - 6430

Administrative staff are encouraged to be members of and participate in professional associations related to school administration and the continued improvement of public education.

The Superintendent and designated administrators are encouraged to be an active participant in civic and service organizations in the community. The Board believes that the District will benefit from the participation of the Superintendent and designated administrators in civic and service organizations in the community because of improved reciprocal understanding and communication between community leaders and District. This will lead to increased community support for the schools, school programs that are more responsive to the needs of the community and opportunities for cooperative support of school and community programs.

Membership fees, travel and meal costs attributable to the Superintendent's and designated administrators' participation in civic and service organizations will be paid by the District, subject to the restrictions of this and other District policies:

The District recognizes that there will be indirect costs attributable to participation in civic and service organizations for employee time. The District encourages full participation in organizations for which it is paying costs, although no employee may act as an officer or take a leadership role in more than one organization for which the District is paying the membership costs.

The Superintendent will approve in writing all requests for District-paid memberships in civic and service organizations covered by this policy.

Employees for whom the District pays any membership costs in civic and service organizations may not exert influence on other employees to provide financial contributions or other support to the civic or service organization. Further, they may not use the civic or service organization as a forum for lobbying in support of or opposition to political or legislative actions, or the promotion of endeavors in which they may have a direct or indirect financial interest or may acquire a personal benefit or gain.

Adoption Date: November 24, 1997
Revised: August 23, 1999
Revised: August 14, 2006