Student Directors - Procedures - 1150-P

Mukilteo School District
The Board of Directors - Series 1000
Student Directors - Procedures - 1150-P
  1. Purpose

    1. To help the Board of Education gain a greater insight into student activities, programs, and needs.
    2. To actively encourage student participation in relevant Board proceedings.
    3. To provide a greater awareness and understanding of mutual issues between school staff and students.
    4. To provide for the active involvement of students in their education and to foster a spirit of inquiry whereby students may freely express their views and listen to and evaluate the opinions of others.

  2. Guidelines/Qualifications

    1. The Student Directors will be appointed for a one-year term by a vote of the School District Board of Directors.

    2. One Student Director will be selected from Kamiak High School, Mariner High School and ACES High School. Students who apply for the position of Student Director may not serve as an ASB Officer but will be members of their respective student council*. Students must attend a school in the Mukilteo School District at least three hours a day.

    3. Students will serve in an advisory, nonvoting capacity. As such, they will not be able to make motions, vote, hold Board offices, or attend executive or closed sessions. Student Directors will be encouraged to comment and ask questions about any issues raised during Regular Board Meetings. On rare occasions, the Board may hold discussions in open public meetings which are limited to the participation of the elected adult Board members.

    4. Students will be eligible to serve as a Student Director during their junior or senior year. The student must be entering their junior or senior year at the time of selection and in good academic standing and maintain good academic standing throughout their term. Selected students should also have a history of leadership and involvement in extra-curricular and civic activities.

    5. Student Directors will be limited to serving a single, one-year term.

    6. The term of Student Directors will officially begin the first Board meeting in June and end with the last meeting in May of the following year.

    7. Students who apply for the position of Student Director should be members of their respective student councils; once selected, Student Directors will be appointed as ex-officio student council members. Student Directors may also be appointed as a full voting member of the school student council at the discretion of each student council.*

    8. Student Directors will sit at the Board table.

    9. A Superintendent’s designee will meet with Student Directors before every meeting to facilitate, assist in planning and prepare for Board meetings.

    10. Attendance at all official regular School Board meetings is required. Student Directors will notify the Superintendent Designee of a planned absence. If a Student Director cannot fulfill the attendance obligations, another Student Director may be appointed in their place. Attendance at other School Board functions is encouraged, but not required, e.g. School Dialogues. Student Directors need not attend meetings held during the summer or on a school holiday.

    11. Student Directors will abide by all the rules and regulations pertaining to Board Members. Student Directors will receive copies of all regular meeting agendas, minutes and other relevant information, excluding executive session materials.

    12. The guidelines for Student Directors will be reviewed annually by the School Board and Student Directors.

    13. Student Directors will provide an evaluation of their experience at the end of their terms.

    14. Student Directors will receive (.5) occupational or elective credit. The Board will declare a Student Director's position vacant after four (4) consecutive unexcused absences from regular Board meetings beginning with the first meeting in September and ending with the last meeting in May, resulting in a loss of credit.

    * The term student council denotes the duty constituted council or group made up of elected student body officers. The actual name may vary at a school, i.e., school executive board.

  3. Selection Process

    1. Student Directors will be selected by the second Board meeting in May of their sophomore or junior year.

    2. Candidates will receive an application from a school administrator. Two letters of recommendation from adults are required. One letter is encouraged from an individual outside the school setting. The letters can not be from their parent/guardian, principal or class advisor. The application and letters of recommendation will be due three weeks from the day the forms are first available.

    3. All candidates will be encouraged to attend a Board meeting prior to being seated on the Board.

    4. All applications will be screened by the Director of Student Services and then given to the Board Interview Committee. The Committee will consist of the Director of Student Services, two School Board members and an existing Student Director. The Committee will conduct the student interview(s). The Board Interview Committee will ask all applicants at an interview the same questions. The Board Interview Committee will make a recommendation to the Board.

    5. Student Directors will be appointed by the Board of Directors from the candidates, upon the recommendation of the Board Interview Committee.

    6. Newly appointed Student Directors will attend the second Board meeting in May to observe the sitting Student Directors.

    7. Student Directors will participate in an orientation session with the Director of Student Services and the former Student Directors, if available. A handbook providing information about serving on the Board and describing Board activities and procedures will be reviewed at this time. The handbook will be reviewed each spring by the Director of Student Services and the sitting Student Directors to ensure continued relevance.

    8. The Board may remove a Student Director during the term if they become ineligible or fail to fulfill their responsibilities. In the event that a Student Director resigns, a new Student Director may be selected by the respective school's ASB leadership, with the approval of the School Board, to serve as an interim Student Director for the remainder of the term.

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