Cultural Diversity Code of Conduct - 2020

Mukilteo School District
Instruction - Series 2000
Cultural Diversity Code of Conduct - 2020

The Mukilteo School District is strongly committed to the strengths brought to us by the diversity of our community. That commitment means that individuals representing different cultural, ethnic, and racial communities interact in a positive, dynamic and collaborative way while maintaining and valuing their differences. By each facility developing and maintaining an atmosphere that stresses individual growth and utilizes the strengths that cultural pluralism brings, the Mukilteo School District will continue to provide an enlivening, enriching experience which encourages cross-cultural understanding and builds community.

It is the personal responsibility of each individual in any Mukilteo school or facility to respect the personal dignity and worth of every person on the premises or involved in any school-sponsored activity or event.

Any verbal, physical or written act of:

  • abuse
  • violence
  • harassment
  • intimidation
  • extortion
  • restriction or prevention of the free movement of an individual

directed towards or specifically related to any individual or group of individuals regarding race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, physical characteristic, mental disability, or political or religious ideology shall be considered a violation of this policy. Violations of this policy will be handled in accordance state law, building student disciplinary rules and, if applicable, relevant collective bargaining agreements.

Adoption Date: April 21, 1998
Revised: February 28, 2005