Program Compliance - 2114

Mukilteo School District
Instruction - Series 2000
Program Compliance - 2114

On or before October 1, the Superintendent will determine if the District is in compliance with the following program requirements:

  1. Appropriate measures are taken to safeguard all student and school district permanent records against loss or damage.

  2. Provision is made for the supervision of instructional practices and procedures.

  3. Current basic instructional materials are available for required courses of study.

  4. A program of guidance, counseling and testing services is maintained for students in all grades offered by the School District.

  5. A learning resources program is maintained.

  6. The physical facilities of each building are adequate and appropriate for the educational program offered.

  7. There is adequate provision for the health and safety of all pupils within the custody of the School District.

  8. A current policy statement pertaining to the administration and operation of the School District is available in each building's administrative office including, but not limited to, policies governing the school building and classroom visitation rights of nonstudents.

  9. The District is in compliance with the statutes which prohibit unequal treatment of individuals on the basis of race, sex, creed, color, disability and national origin in activities supported by common schools.

  10. A descriptive guide (Annual Report) to the District's common schools is published annually by the School District's Board of Directors and is made available at each school in the District for examination by the public.

  11. Within each school, the school principal has determined that appropriate student discipline is established and enforced. The school principal has conferred with the certificated employees in the school building in order to develop and/or review building disciplinary standards and the uniform enforcement of those standards.

  12. Written high school graduation requirements and rules have been adopted by the School District Board of Directors.

Deviations to the standards will be reported to the Board and will be incorporated into the annual descriptive guide (Annual Report).

Cross References:

Board Policy 1311 Policy Adoption
Board Policy 2130 Program Evaluation
Board Policy 2140 Guidance and Counseling
Board Policy 2410 High School Graduation Requirements
Board Policy 3241 Classroom Management, Discipline and Corrective Action
Board Policy 3210 Nondiscrimination
Board Policy 3410 Student Health
Board Policy 3420 Student Safety
Board Policy 3600 Student Records
Board Policy 4340 Public Access to District Records

Adoption Date: April 21, 1998