Instruction in Basic Skills and Work Skills - Procedures - 2111-P

Mukilteo School District
Instruction - Series 2000
Instruction in Basic Skills and Work Skills - Procedures - 2111-P

To ensure continuing compliance with the state minimum requirements for teaching of basic skills and work skills and for the total instructional hours:

  1. The principal will:

    1. Analyze any proposed course schedule to assure compliance with the minimum requirements of WAC 180-16-200 for basic skills, work skills and total hours of instructional offering;

    2. Review any change in the schedule to assure continued compliance;

    3. Retain as a permanent record the final printed schedule of course offerings to verify compliance with the requirements for both the mix of work skills and basic skills instruction and the total hours of instruction made available to students; and

  2. The Superintendent will:

    1. Maintain a record of the total hours of instruction scheduled for each elementary grade. The record will identify any instructional activities that do not constitute basic skills.

    2. Insure that the total instructional time made available to students meets the minimum required and that 90 percent of the instructional program in grades 1-3 and 85 percent in grades 4-6 are in the basic skills.

April 21, 1998