Comprehensive Student Assessment System - Procedures - 2080-P

Mukilteo School District
Instruction - Series 2000
Comprehensive Student Assessment System - Procedures - 2080-P

Testing Program

A District Research and Assessment committee will meet at least once per year to review the district assessment program. The committee will submit any recommended changes to the following year's assessment program to the Superintendent by May 31. Recommendations will include a schedule for all assessment activities to be conducted during the year. In its review, the committee will consider such factors as:

  1. Validity. Do the proposed assessment materials measure the District's objectives? Are the items compatible with the District scope and sequence?
  2. Administration. Are directions and the format clear for teachers and students?
  3. Interpretation of Results. Are results reported in a form that is meaningful to the teacher, the student, the District, the parent?

The proposed testing schedule will be reviewed by principals and approved by the Superintendent. The schedule will be distributed to individual schools by August 15. The District office will be responsible for ordering tests, distributing materials and scoring sheets, and distributing administration instructions.

After tests have been scored, the District Office will be responsible for:

  1. Preparing reports on test results for Board, instructional staff, parents/guardians, and the general public.
  2. Interpreting scores for staff and interested persons.
  3. Disseminating individual scores to staff responsible for counseling, screening and special placement of individuals.

The Superintendent will review the assessment processes and procedures.

Student Testing

  1. Achievement and Aptitude Measures

    1. All instruments to be used in Mukilteo School District will be reviewed periodically by the Research and Assessment Committee to make recommendations concerning the appropriateness of such instruments.

    2. All testing activity within the District will follow prescribed and adopted regulations for testing procedures and the use of testing information.

    3. The Board of Directors will periodically review the testing program.

    4. All testing will be in full compliance with the law and program regulations.
  1. Regulations for Test Administration and the Utilization of Test Results
    1. Confidentiality: Because the students' welfare is of greatest concern, all users of test information recognize their responsibility to maintain confidentiality. Student test information represents a category of standard records. All student test information is subject to the guidelines for standard records including such areas as notification of rights, custody, access, release, and review.
    1. Test Security and Interpretation: The designated administrator will authorize the dissemination of all state tests and will designate those persons to be involved in the administration of such tests. No person will administer any test instrument without appropriate authorization. Test results, when presented, should be presented in ways that encourage appropriate interpretation.
    1. Uses of Testing Information

      1. Examining student achievement results is helpful and informs changes about curricula and instruction.

      2. Because of the danger of misinterpretation of standardized testing information, only certain summaries will be developed and reported within the Mukilteo School District.

        1. Profiles indicating levels of performance for each individual student will be made available to the parents of each child who has taken the examination.

        2. Grade level profiles within District and across various levels of grades will be developed and reported on a regular basis to the Board of Directors.

        3. Data by individual class, school, and District across all grades will be maintained in the Assessment and Program Evaluation office and will be used for internal program evaluation, with the provision that individual students and teachers are not identified if the reports become public.

      3. A principle use of standardized test information is the improvement of educational programs. It is proper to modify curricula, instruction, procedures, and practices when standardized test results reveal that the changes will help improve school and District objectives.
    1. Testing Practices
      1. Each District-wide standardized test administration will be accomplished under guidelines provided by the Assessment Director.

      2. Students should be informed in advance that they are about to take a standardized test and about the nature of the test. They can be told about the subject matter of the test and the format of the test questions. They should be told about the advantages that such testing will have for them and how test results will be used.

      3. It is beneficial to explain the mechanics of taking a standardized test and how to improve general test taking skills. Students should be given practice in responding to test items of different types. Students should not be given copies of the actual examination.

      4. Actual items found on secure standardized tests cannot be used. Such activity might violate copyright laws, would affect the validity of the results, and would not allow for standardized procedures to be maintained.

      5. Standardized test materials must be kept secure before, during, and after the examination.

      6. Most students should be included in a standardized testing program. Exceptions include students who have a disability and are in special classes and are not part of the regular school program, and students who do not yet have adequate English language skills.

      7. Standardized tests should be administered within the timelines and testing conditions prescribed by the testing manual. The value of standardized tests is that they are given under standard (uniform) conditions, and anything that violates those conditions makes the examination results more difficult or impossible to interpret.
  1. Parents who wish to examine any assessment materials may do so by contacting the Superintendent. Parent approval is necessary before administering an individual intelligence test or a diagnostic personality test. Parents will be notified of their child's performance on any test or assessment conducted under the Washington State Assessment Program. No tests or measurement devices containing any questions about a student's or their family's personal beliefs and practices in family life, morality and religion will be administered unless the parent or guardian gives written permission for the student to take such test, questionnaire or examination.


August 18, 2016