Religious-Related Activities or Practices - 2340

Mukilteo School District
Instruction - Series 2000
Religious-Related Activities or Practices - 2340

The Board recognizes that views and opinions regarding the relationship of the school and religion are diverse. While community opinions are important in shaping policy, the Board must give primary credence to the United States and Washington state constitutions and the decisions made by the respective courts when establishing guidelines for making decisions regarding religious-related activities and practices. The Board further accepts the declaration of the State Board of Education that "all students ... possess the constitutional right to the free exercise of religion and to have their schools free from sectarian control or influence." To this end, the Board hereby establishes the following guidelines to preserve the rights of all students within the framework of the respective Constitutions.

  1. Instruction about religious matters and/or using religious materials will be conducted in an objective, neutral, non-devotional manner and will serve a secular educational purpose.

  2. A student may decline to participate in a school activity that is contrary to their religious convictions.

  3. If noncurriculum-related student groups are permitted to meet on school premises during non-instructional time, students will be permitted to meet to discuss political, philosophical or other issues provided such group meetings are student-initiated, student-managed and in compliance with policy 2153 authorizing such meetings.

  4. Material and/or announcements promoting religion may not be distributed by non-students or on behalf of groups or individuals who are not students.

  5. Religious services, programs or assemblies will not be conducted in school facilities during school hours or in connection with any school-sponsored or school related activity. Religious groups may rent school facilities under the policy providing for facilities rental. Activities of such groups will be clearly separated from school-sponsored activities so that the School District does not support or appear to support the establishment of religion.

  6. Musical, artistic and dramatic presentations which have a religious theme may be included in course work and programs on the basis of their particular artistic and educational value or traditional secular usage. They will be presented in a neutral, non-devotional manner, be related to the objective of the instructional program, and be accompanied by comparable artistic works of a nonreligious nature.

  7. A student, upon the request of a parent, may be excused to participate in religious instruction for a portion of a school day provided the activity is not conducted on school property. (Credit will not be granted for such instruction.)

  8. Upon receipt of a parent(s) request, a student will be excused from attending school in observance of a religious holiday.

  9. Students may wear religious attire or symbols provided they are not materially and substantially disruptive to the educational process.

  10. Commencement exercises will be free from sectarian influence, including invocations and benedictions.

  11. There will be no school sponsorship of baccalaureate services. Interested parents and students may plan and organize baccalaureate exercises provided that the service is not promoted through the school and staff and student participation is voluntary.

Students, parents and staff who are aggrieved by practices or activities conducted in the school or District may register their concern with the building principal or Superintendent.


Cross References:

Board Policy 2150 Co-Curricular Program
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Legal References:

U.S. Constitution First Amendment
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Adoption Date: April 21, 1998
Revised: November 10, 2008