Students and Telecommunication Devices - 3245

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Students and Telecommunication Devices - 3245

Students in possession of telecommunications devices including but not limited to pagers, beepers, cellular phones, smart phones and other related personal electronic communication devices ("Telecommunication Devices") shall observe the following conditions:

  1. Telecommunication Devices shall be turned on and operated only before and after the regular school day unless (a) an emergency situation exists that involves imminent physical danger, (b) otherwise authorized by a school administrator or (c) otherwise authorized by school rules.

  2. Students shall not use Telecommunication Devices in a manner that poses a threat to academic integrity, disrupts the educational learning environment, harasses/bullies/threatens other students or invades the privacy rights of others.

  3. Students shall not send, share, view or possess pictures, text messages, emails or other material of sexually explicit conduct, as defined by RCW 9.68A.011, in electronic or any other form on a cell phone or other electronic device, while the student is on school grounds, at school sponsored events or on school buses or vehicles provided by the District.

  4. Students who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action and may lose the privilege of bringing Telecommunication Devices onto District property.

  5. An administrator may search a Telecommunication Device when the administrator has a reasonable individualized suspicion that a search of the Telecommunication Device will reveal a violation of this Policy, other District/school rules or illegal activity.

  6. The administrator may confiscate the Telecommunication Device if evidence exists of a violation of this Policy, other District/school rules or illegal activity. If confiscated, a Telecommunication Device shall be returned to the student after the end of the school day or the student's parent/guardian consistent with school rules. Content or images that may violate state or federal laws will be referred to law enforcement.

  7. Students are responsible for a Telecommunication Device brought to school. The District shall not be responsible for loss, theft or destruction of a Telecommunication Device brought onto District property.

  8. Students shall comply with any additional rules developed by an individual school for the appropriate use of Telecommunication Devices.


Cross References:

Board Policy 3241 Classroom Management, Discipline and Corrective Action


Adoption Date: January 24, 2011
Revised: December 9, 2019