Distribution of Materials - Procedures - 3222-P

Mukilteo School District
Students - Series 3000
Distribution of Materials - Procedures - 3222-P

Students' constitutional rights of freedom of speech or expression provide for the opportunity to distribute written materials on school premises. Systematic distribution of materials may not occur during instructional time, unless other similar non-instructional activities are permitted; distribution of materials by students will not cause disruption of or interference with school activities. Students will be subject to corrective action, including suspension or expulsion, depending on the nature of the disruption or interference resulting from distribution of materials.

The following guidelines are in effect in each school building:

  1. Any student intending to distribute copies of any student-sponsored material will submit a copy to the principal at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the proposed time for distribution, together with a detailed description of the plan for distribution.

  2. Distribution plans will be approved by the principal if no substantial disruption or interference of school activity will result from distribution of materials at the time, place and manner indicated. The principal will render a decision within twenty-four (24) hours of the proposed distribution time. If the plan is not approved, the student will be advised, in writing, the reasons for denial.

  3. The student may request the Superintendent to review the principal's decision. Such request for review must be made within two (2) school business days following the principal's decision. A decision will be rendered by the Superintendent or designee within two (2) school business days.


June 8, 1998
January 8, 2024