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Attendance Area Transfers - Procedures - 3131-P

Each student in the Mukilteo School District is required to attend the school designated for the geographic attendance area ("resident school") in which they reside. A parent or guardian may request that their child transfer from the "resident school" to another school within the District so long as the school, program, grade level, or classroom is not at capacity as determined by the District.  Transfers will not be permitted to schools, programs, grade levels, or classroom at capacity. Schools that are closed to transfers are posted on the School District's website.

Transfer Request Process

Parents, on behalf of their student, who seek a transfer from the school designated for the geographic attendance area to another school within the District must complete an In-District Transfer Request form. Transfer request forms are available online on the School District's website.  For a transfer request to be processed, parents must register their student at their resident school pending approval of a transfer request. Parent/guardians are responsible for transportation to/from school should their request be approved and must ensure prompt and regular attendance in accordance with compulsory attendance laws and Board policies.

Requests for transfer will be reviewed and prioritized in the order received by the Student Services Department while considering the capacity of available programs, schools, grade levels or classrooms. Requests for transfers will be accepted the first student day in January for the following school year. For best consideration, transfers for the following school year should be received by March 1. However, transfer requests will be approved/denied up through the 7th school business day of September the following year.

Applications for transfers for the current school year will be accepted through March 31 of each school year. No new transfer requests for the current school year will be accepted after that date unless there is a recent change in the resident student's address.

If a transfer request is approved, it will be granted so that a student can continue at the requested school until the end of that school's grade band without the need to re-apply. This assurance may be waived when the District's attendance boundaries are altered by School Board action and/or when a school is determined to exceed capacity per District guidelines and/or if a student exhibits behaviors listed under cause for denial/revocation of a transfer. Failure to meet these criteria will result in the student returning to their resident school. Transfer requests, if approved, do not guarantee that a transfer request will be accepted for the feeder school in the District's PK-12 continuum.

Per the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) guidelines, students who transfer from one high school to another are ineligible for varsity competition for one (1) calendar year unless they meet criteria established by WIAA rule. Students may appeal their varsity ineligibility to the Northwest District 1 eligibility committee. Students must show the eligibility committee that the transfer was necessary due to a hardship as defined by WIAA rule. Questions about eligibility or eligibility appeals should be directed to the building athletic coordinator or District athletic director.

Children of District Employees

Students of District employees will be given priority over resident non-employee students, per State law and/or a local collective bargaining agreement.  Upon request, resident students of District full-time certificated and classified employees will be enrolled at the school to which the employee is assigned or at a school forming the District's PK through grade 12 continuum which includes the school to which the employee is assigned as long as the student does not displace a resident student.

Additional Cause for Denial and/or Revocation of an in-District Transfer Request

The Superintendent or designee may deny or revoke a transfer if:

  1. The student's disciplinary records indicate a history of convictions of offenses or crimes, violent or disruptive behavior, or gang membership.

  2. The student has been expelled or suspended for more than ten (10) consecutive days or is currently under long-term suspension, expulsion, or emergency expulsion. Customarily, a transfer will be revoked after a suspension or expulsion has been imposed.

  3. The student has difficulties with attendance or tardiness and is chronically absent (two days per month or 18 days in a year) or has a truancy petition filed from their present or resident school.

  4. If continued enrollment poses a risk to the health and/or safety of other students and staff.

  5. Parent/guardian(s) or student engages in conduct that undermines the ability of building administration or staff to manage the building or classroom.

  6. Parent/guardian(s) or student engages in actions or behaviors prohibited by Board Policy 3216 – Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying.

  7. Falsification of student or parent/guardian information, including an address, residence or conditions of living arrangements, to obtain a school assignment may be cause for the withdrawal of the student and reassignment to their attendance area school.

Change of Residence During the School Year

Students who move during the school year to another residence within the Mukilteo School District boundaries may apply to remain at their current school for the remainder of the school year. Such an application may be granted even though the school is designated as closed to transfer and the student does not exhibit behaviors listed under cause for denial/revocation of a transfer.

Appeal Process

If a transfer request is denied or revoked, the parent/guardian may appeal to the Executive Director of Secondary Education or the Executive Director of Elementary Education depending on grade level for review of the decision. Such an appeal must be in writing and be received within five (5) school business days from the day on which the denial/revocation notification was received by the parent/guardian and should include new facts that the student or parent/guardian believes are relevant to the transfer request. The student will be allowed to remain in school until a final determination is made, provided no disciplinary action is in effect or pending against the student. A final decision will be communicated to the parent/guardian in writing within five (5) school business days and will be final.


Cross References:

Board Policy 3131 Attendance Area Transfers
Board Policy 3216 Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying


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