Part-Time, Home-Based, or Off-Campus Students - Procedures - 3114-P

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Part-time, Home-based or Off-campus Students - Procedures - 3114-P

The Superintendent or designee will:

  1. Provide a Declaration of Intent to Provide Home-Based Instruction (homeschool) form to persons expressing an intent to provide home-based instruction.
  2. Provide parents/guardians who plan to provide home-based instruction with copies of the relevant statutes and regulations upon request.
  3. Provide parents/guardians with a Request for Part-Time Attendance or Ancillary Services form upon request.

Home-Based Instruction

The laws of the State of Washington recognize home-based instruction as a legitimate method of educating students. These laws also provide for students who have been receiving home-based instruction to return to public schools. When students enroll in the Mukilteo School District following home-based instruction, the following guidelines are in effect:

Definition: Home-based instruction is planned and supervised instruction and related activities provided for the number of hours equivalent to the total annual program hours for the appropriate grade level established by the Basic Education Act. Minimum requirements include:

  1. 180 days of instruction annually.
  2. Program hours equivalent to Basic Education.
  3. Basic skills adequate to meet usual graduation requirements.

Definition: Part-time students are those students who receive home-based instruction and simultaneously are enrolled in Mukilteo School District.


  1. When a student enters Mukilteo School District from home-based instruction, including students new to the District that wish to be enrolled part-time, the District is required to determine the appropriate grade-level and course-level placement for the student. In order to make such determination when the student seeks entry, the administrator of the building and/or designee will:

    1. Consult with the parent/guardian.

    2. Review the permanent records of home-based instruction required to be kept by the parent/guardian, including the annual standardized test and/or annual assessment of educational progress.

    3. The administrator or designee may require a standardized achievement test be administered to assist in grade or course-level placement.

  2. Students requesting "part-time" status must do so at the time of annual application for home-based instruction (by September 15 of that school year, or within two (2) weeks of the beginning of any quarter, trimester or semester).

  3. Students may seek admission to Mukilteo School District with high school status following home-based instruction. The following procedures apply:

    1. The student must qualify for admission with appropriate grade-level skills as required by (A) above.

    2. The student's program must have met the definition of home-based instruction (above).

    3. The building administrator or designee will verify that the student is eligible to be included under these procedures.

    4. Following consultation with the parents/guardians and the administration of standardized tests when appropriate, the building administrator or designee will make a determination of grade-level placement. Such determination will be based on the School District official's professional judgment of:
      1. the student's age,
      2. the recommendation of the parent/guardian,
      3. the student's performance while on home-based instruction, and
      4. when appropriate, the student's academic ability as documented by the results of District-administered standardized achievement tests.

    5. In order to graduate from Mukilteo School District, the student must be a full-time student enrolled in Mukilteo School District their entire senior year in high school.

    6. All students must complete all courses required by statute per the student's graduation cohort year.

    7. A student's transcript will show only courses taken following enrollment in Mukilteo School District unless an official transcript from an accredited institution lists high school-level courses the student completed. Then those courses will be added to the student's Mukilteo School District/Washington State transcript, and will count toward graduation requirements where applicable.

  4. A home-based student may participate in activities and interscholastic sports activities at their school of residence, provided they meet the eligibility criteria established by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

June 8, 1998
Revised: January 13, 2022