Specialized Health Care Procedures During School - Procedures - 3418-P

Mukilteo School District
Students - Series 3000
Specialized Health Care Procedures During School - Procedures - 3418-P


The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) will he informed of specialized need. Each MDT member will contribute to the planning and treatment as appropriate.

The school nurse will coordinate the exchange of medical information.

The school nurse will:

  1. identify student needs through parent interview;

  2. identify primary and essential secondary health care providers;

  3. obtain signed Consent for Mutual Exchange of Information forms;

  4. request parent complete Parent Request for Specialized Health Care Procedures (Form H111), and have doctor complete Physicians' Orders for Specialized Health Care Procedures (Form H112);

  5. list services, equipment, materials and space needed;

  6. determine qualifications needed and availability of current educational and health care staff (including substitutes) and recommend the staff who will perform Specialized Health Care Procedures with the approval of the Building Administrator;

  7. determine transportation needs in coordination with the Transportation Department.;

  8. determine nature and availability of community emergency services;

  9. upon receipt of the Physician's Orders (Form H112) develop a Nursing Care Plan (Form H115).

  10. communicate with MDT, parents, and physician to review data, specify the services to be provided, and develop/amend the Individual Education Program (IEP), if appropriate;

  11. arrange staff inservice with guidelines from the physician. The Specialized Health Care Provider will sign off on the inservice form (Form H113)to document this training;

  12. develop schedule to monitor treatments (Form H114);

  13. monitor, evaluate, and update as needed but at least annually.


June 23, 1998