Specialized Health Care Procedures During School - 3418

Mukilteo School District
Students - Series 3000
Specialized Health Care Procedure(s) During School - 3418

The Superintendent will establish guidelines for specialized Health Care procedure(s) during school. The regulations regarding the specialized Health Care procedure(s) during school will contain the following provisions:

  1. A parent, legal guardian, or other person having legal control over the student must file a written, current and unexpired permission for and request that the district provide the specific specialized Health Care procedure(s) for the student;

  2. A physician licensed under RCW Ch. 18.57 or 18.71 must file with the school district a written, current order and instructions that a specific specialized Health Care procedure(s) be provided during school hours;

  3. A registered nurse employed as a school nurse by the Mukilteo School District will provide written, current instructions approved by the licensed physician which are specific for the needs of the student in accordance with the rules of the state Board of Nursing. The registered nurse will be responsible for the instruction and training of the school employee(s) who is designated to provide the specialized Health Care procedure(s). This instruction and training will be updated as needed, but at least once each school year. The registered nurse will determine the nature and extent of any supervision that is required and designate the school employee(s) who may provide the requested services; and

  4. A staff member(s) who is designated to provide specific Specialized Health Care Procedures(s) will be listed on the Specialized Health Care Procedures(s) Training Record form;

If a student must receive Specialized Health Care procedure(s) during school, all of the provisions listed above must be completed prior to the initiation of the specialized Health Care Procedure(s) by school staff.

Authorization for the continuation of specialized Health Care procedure(s) must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.

The District and its Board, administrators, staff and the staff member who provides the specialized Health Care procedure(s) in substantial compliance with this policy, the registered nurse's instructions and the rules of the state Board of Nursing will not he liable in any criminal action or for civil damages arising from providing specialized Health Care procedure(s). The District may discontinue specialized Health Care procedure(s) for a student so long as the student's parents/guardians are given advance written notice by the Superintendent or designee.

Legal References:

RCW 28A.210.290 Catheterization of public and private school students -- Immunity from liability


Adoption Date: June 23, 1998