Student Welfare - Procedures - 3400-P

Mukilteo School District
Students - Series 3000
Student Welfare - Procedures - 3400-P

The following guidelines are provided to minimize the occurrence of situations in which staff members may incur liability for their acts with relations to students:

  1. A class or group of students should be supervised by a staff member until supervision is assumed by another responsible person.

  2. Students should not be permitted to use equipment in the classroom which has not been approved for school use.

  3. Students should not be permitted to use equipment until they have received operating instructions and prescribed safety procedures.

  4. Students should not be permitted to work in a shop, kitchen, or laboratory without qualified supervision.

  5. Incidents of unsafe conditions and defective equipment should be reported to the principal immediately.

  6. Proper safety equipment and procedures must be used wherever specified.

June 23, 1998