Student Fund Raising Activities - 3530

Mukilteo School District
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Student Fund Raising Activities - 3530

The Board acknowledges that the solicitation of funds from students, staff and citizens must be limited since students are a captive audience and since solicitation can disrupt the program of the schools. Solicitation and collection of money by students for any purpose including the collection of money in exchange for tickets, papers, magazine subscriptions, or for any other goods or services for the benefit of an approved school organization or for approved private purposes and contributions may be permitted by the Superintendent providing that the instructional program is not adversely affected. School fund raising activities will discourage student door-to-door solicitations. Information to parents/students on specific fund raising activities at their school will specifically state "Mukilteo School District does not endorse student door-to-door solicitation."

The Superintendent will establish rules and regulations for the solicitation of funds by approved school organizations, official school-parent groups and by outside organizations. Student groups are permitted to raise moneys for private purposes in their private capacities through fundraising or solicitation. Private purposes are defined as scholarships, student exchanges and/or charitable purposes only. Allowable charitable purposes are limited to contributions to bona fide non-profit (501(c)(3)) or governmental organizations. Charitable purposes do not include any activities of a political nature including support of candidates or support or opposition to any ballot propositions. The principal will distribute these rules and regulations to each student organization granted permission to solicit funds.

Legal References:

WAC 392-138 - Finance - Associated Student Body Moneys
RCW 28A.325.030 - Associated student body program fund - Fund-raising activities - Nonassociated student body program fund moneys


Adoption Date: July 20, 1998
Revised: February 22, 1999
Revised: November 13, 2001
Revised: April 21, 2008