Public Access to District Records - 4340

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Public Access to District Records - 4340

Consistent with Washington State law, the Board is committed to providing the public full access to records concerning the administration and operations of the District. Such access promotes important public policy, maintains public confidence in the fairness of governmental processes, and protects the community's interest in the control and operation of its school district.

At the same time, the Board desires to preserve the efficient administration of school work and acknowledges the privacy rights of individuals whose records may be maintained by the District. This policy and the accompanying procedure are intended to facilitate access to School District records without compromising operational efficiency or privacy rights.

As used in this policy and the accompanying procedure, "school district records" is a broad term that includes any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the District or the performance of any District governmental or proprietary function prepared, owned, used, or retained by the District regardless of physical form or characteristics. A "writing" as used in this policy and procedure is likewise a broad term that means any handwriting, typewriting, printing, photocopying, photographing, or other means of recording any form of communication or representation. Included within these definitions are digital and electronic forms of communication, including emails, texts, or messages through any medium or application, pages, postings and comments from any District-operated or District-sponsored website. The District will retain public records in compliance with State law and regulations.

The definition of "school district records" does not include records that are not otherwise required to be retained by the District and are held by volunteers who do not serve in an administrative capacity, have not been appointed by the District to a District board, commission, or internship, and do not have a supervisory role or delegated District authority.

Because of the tremendous volume and diversity of records continuously generated by a public school district, because it would be impracticable, unduly burdensome, and ultimately interfere with the operational work of the District, the District does not maintain a current index of all of its records.

Because of the number and differing types of public records requests the District receives and the varied resources required to respond to each of those requests, calculating the actual cost of each public records request would be unduly burdensome on the District.

The Superintendent will appoint a "public records officer" who will serve as a point of contact for members of the public who request the disclosure of public records. The public records officer will be trained in the laws and regulations governing the retention and disclosure of records, and will have responsibility and authority for ensuring compliance with the provisions of federal and State law and this policy. The public records officer will authorize the inspection and copying of records only in accordance with the criteria established by law or outlined in other District policy.

The Superintendent will establish procedures for public inspection and/or copying of non-exempt records in accordance with State and federal law.

Legal References:

RCW 42.56 Public Records Act
20 U.S.C. § 1232g Family Education Rights and Privacy Act CFR 45, Part 99 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Regulations

Cross References:

Board Policy 3600 - Student Records

Adoption Date: November 10, 1997
Revised: December 13, 2004
Revised: January 26, 2009
Revised: May 26, 2015
Revised: October 23, 2017
Revised: February 10, 2020