Distribution of Youth-Related Materials - Procedures - 4325-P

Mukilteo School District
Community Relations - Series 4000
Distribution of Youth-Related Materials - Procedures - 4325-P

The District may distribute education and youth-related materials from outside organizations to families of students in each grade level using an online distribution tool. An official of the organization making a request must include the District disclaimer on all materials, holding the Mukilteo School District harmless from any liability incurred as a result of the activity or event publicized in the materials. Organizations must be nonprofit or a government agency.


  1. All requests for materials distribution will be reviewed for their appropriateness for students.

  2. A list of distribution procedures will be provided to the requesting organizations.

  3. Approved materials will be emailed by the online distribution tool to parents or guardians of students who attend schools requested by the organization.

  4. The organization is responsible for delivering small quantities of approved materials to individual schools requested by the organization, if desired.

November 10, 1997
November 22, 2004
February 8, 2021